API Perforating Services, LLC

Our mission is to provide quality oilfield services to the Oil & Gas Industry in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We do this by creating a safe work environment, with an experienced and exceptional team who value our customer's confidence in our reputation of integrity and reliability. Our actions and strategies are driven by our core values which include Safety, Integrity and unparalleled Customer Service. Our commitment is to Safety and to zero accidents every day.

Experience and Efficiency at Its Best

Over 40+ years' experience providing wireline services including plug/perf operations, cased hole logging, packer setting services, pipe recovery, tubing conveyed perforating and more.

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Our Team

Our management team has over 150+ years of combined experience. Personnel are certified through PEC Safety courses. Our team is also a member of ISNetworld.

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Commitment to Safety

Our commitment is to Safety and to ZERO Accidents EVERYDAY. All API Perforating employees have an obligation to stop work when an action or incident could result in; injury to anyone, damage to anyone's equipment or could cause an adverse impact to the environment.


Currently serving Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, and Louisiana. Our yards are located in the following cities: Albany, Tye, Midland, Pleasanton, Waskom, and Roosevelt.

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