Committed to Safety
API perforating is committed to protecting the health and safety of its customers and
employees.  Safety is a priority in all facets of our company.  We believe all injuries and
work related illnesses are preventable by practicing safe behaviors.  Every employee
has the right and the responsibility to stop a job if they believe it is unsafe.
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Simply put, no task is too important or urgent that it cannot be done safely.  To that
end, API has employed a full time safety manager to manage our safety needs including
safety policies, employee training and job site evaluation.
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API is a member of ISNETworld, PEC and Rig-Up.  We train all employees for Safeland,
Medic First-Aid, H2S and Haz-Mat including explosives handling.
It is Anderson Perforating Services LLC's goal to train, monitor and support our
employees with any and all resources to make the job site a safer place.  API is
committed to safety and it is API's goal to make sure safety is the number one objective
on every work site.